As part of your residency you are welcome to stay at the manor house and use the forest and facilities that Norrabacken and the surroundings have to offer in the historic place that has been settled since the bronse age. This is the first artist residency in these historic place that was built as a gift of love in 1855 by Erland Rosell, and the artists are invited to and encouraged to work with the history that exist in the house, and invite your creative prosess and presence to continue the creative lineage of the past into the present and towards the becoming future.  

The Norrabacken artist residency and culture programme fosters literature, workshops, performance and contemporary art in a historic setting in the Swedish countryside. The residency is hosted by Rina Beldo who is founder of Herrg√•rden Norra Backen, that bridges Norwegian and Swedish cultural exchange, and initiative to create a network of rural nordic residencies and cultural centers.  Norrabacken is supporten by Nordisk Kulturfond for the launch of its programming 2021-2022. 

Norra Backen was built as a love gift and still is