Norra Backen is an artist residency based in the woods outside Bengtsfors, Dalsland. The residency provides space for new work for contemporary artists and is primarly based on invitations or recommondations.

The residency was founded in 2021 with the aim of stimulating work engaging with and inspired by the history of the old house and its surroundings

Resident artists will have accommodation in the red house called "Flygelet" and in the Manor house called "Sentralen" or Backen. Artist are offered a public or participatory event, but are not an essential requirement. We also hope the artist donate a letter to the Love Library.

Artists can apply to live and work at "Flygelet" for a month or less, and return stays can be arranged if required for the completion of a project. Successful applicants will need to fund their travel and living expenses, as well as any materials needed for their work. They will need to have a strong element of self-reliance but there are several artist living and working in the area, and the resident artist will have the freedom to work and progress. However, artists may apply with a  colleague, and, under agreed circumstances, with family members. Flygelet is for the sole use of the resident artist, and the artist will have sole use of a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room and garden. In the Manor house it will be space for two artists to work, this is perfect for writing and silent work.

Bengtsfors is a small city with good amenities, including pubs, food shops, post office, pharmacy, gallery, old church with medieval rood screen, beach and tourist information, and has a wealth of history and folk culture, including canals, dressins, .

Nearby is also Not Quite - an international arthub, Baldersnes famous for its literature happenings, nature reservation and a moose garden

The artist will be required to make their own way to and from the residency. There are local buses but also possibilities to lend a car

Please contact us if you have specific access needs so that we can give you detailed information about the accommodation.


The current stage of applications will accept 'dry' media only i.e. photography, film, text, performance, land art, drawing, sculpture, music, poetry, sound  i.e. works which can be created either in Flygelet, Sentralen or outdoors.